How to make your Hair Grow Faster

The question I often get asked is “how can i make my hair grow faster?”¬† Before we answer this, you first need to know a few facts about your hair and how long it will take make hair grow faster.

First of all, some basics about your hair

  • 90% of your scalp (assuming you have not lost most of your hair yet – and don’t worry, we have a solution) hair is actively growing.
  • your hair grows about 1/2 per month (this helps sets expectations how fast your hair can grow for the month)
  • you naturally lose about 100 hairs per day. Once you start losing more than this, you will start to see the affects of baldness

Now before you start any treatment, you need to determine what stage of hair loss you are at. This will help determine how much hair can be regrown.

The best rule of thumb is you can expect to see your hair regrow to the amount you had 2 – 3 years ago. Expectations of having those flowing locks from your teenage years are unlikely (unless you have hair surgery), though the good news is you can definitely halt hair loss and regrow alot of your natural hair back.

The key to ensuring your hair grows back faster, is to be disciplined. Most applications need to be used on a daily basis and consistently. It also takes atleast 3 months continuous use of the majority of hair growth products to see results.

So what are two of the best products that are on the market, that are Herbal based to help you grow your hair fast?

Number 1: Saw palmetto - is a small plum plant, that has a history of helping men restore hair grow. This approach is based on blocking of inhibiting DHT that has been known to cause hair loss. It works by not allowing 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) from converting testosterone into DHT. Yes it’s DHT that is known to contribute to male pattern baldness.

One study for Saw palmetto from 2002, found that 60% of men in a 4 month trial found improvements in hair restoration.

Note: Saw palmetto can help grow your hair faster, though it’s also known to potentially have side effects of abdominal pain, or constipation.

Number 2: He Shou Wu – this is like a SWOT team for hair growth. It is known to re-growth hair, delay greying and also convert vellus hair to thicker hair. Yes it appears the magic of Chinese medicines also translates to helping men grow their hair. It’s like a 3 in 1 for fast hair growth

Note: He Shou Wu can have side affects such as headaches, so always see a Doctor before use

Now using either He ShouWu or Saw Palmetto is a direct fast track your hair growth, there are other back-ups plans.

You can also start by improving your diet. The following Vitamins are a great to to give you healthy hair

Vitamin A: protects hair damage from free radicals and also keeps it from drying up. Good sources are carrots and broccoli

The Vitamain B gang: helps keep the grey hairs away. Sources can be found in banana’s and tu


Vitamin C: it’s a strong antioxidant and helps the tissue around hair follicles. Oranges are a great source

So take a positive attitude as there is help to maintain and grow your hair. Try some saw palmetto or He Shou Wu and starting growing your hair the fastest way.

How to grow hair fast

How to grow hair fast