How Does Massage Help Hair Growth?

A soothing scalp massage can kill your stress and relax the senses. There’s nothing like a nice warm oil massage to pamper your scalp.

Besides its therapeutic benefits, scalp massage can help prevent hair loss and promote faster hair growth.

Does massage really help grow your hair? Let’s find out.

What Are The Benefits Of Massage?

Massage is the act of rubbing, kneading, and applying pressure on the skin with your fingertips. The biggest advantage of hair and scalp massage is that it increases blood circulation by opening up the blood vessels. Improved blood circulation means that the hair follicle cells will get more nutrition required for optimal hair growth.

The gentle rubbing and kneading motions also relaxes the scalp, reduces stress, moisturizes the scalp area, and strengthens the hair roots. It is due to these benefits that people having hair loss problems turn to massage for help.

You may use nourishing warm oil for scalp massage. Olive oil is known to condition hair roots and promote hair growth. Those who have weak hair with split-ends can use sesame, almond, or lavender oil to nourish the hair roots.

Lavender oil is also an effective solution for thinning hair as it known to balance the oil production. Coconut and rosemary oil are also known to slow down the hair loss and stimulate follicles to promote new hair growth.

Applying the right oil will moisturize your dry scalp and reduce the occurrence of dandruff which is known to hinder the hair growth process.

Oil massage nourishes, lubricates, and moisturizes the hair shafts and roots, and thus decreases the occurrence of split ends, hair breakage, and brittleness causing hair loss.

Besides promoting hair growth, the kneading motions used in massage are also have a very relaxing effect on the scalp, because of the various nerve endings present on the scalp.

Massage is also known to lower blood pressure, and induce the release of ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins that are known to elevate mood.

What Is The Correct Way To Massage?

While any form of stimulation on the scalp can help increase blood circulation, a correctly done massage can go a long way to deliver great scalp benefits and promote hair growth.

Start by selecting the right massage oil for your hair which would effectively treat your hair problems. Warm the oil slightly by microwaving a small dish of oil for 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can place the dish containing oil on a bowl of hot water.

Apply the warm oil on your scalp using you fingertips, part by part. You must begin massage only after the scalp is entirely covered with oil.

  • Start massaging the scalp from the forehead hairline, and work your way to the back of the head by making tight circular motions with your finger.
  • Apply light pressure with your fingertips to encourage blood circulation and properly condition the hair and scalp.
  • When you reach the neck area, start the process all over again for the sides, by massaging from the temple to the base of your skull.
  • After you have covered the entire scalp with gentle circular motions, you can start the process again, and this time use extra pressure and a little more vigorous motions.
  • Massage your scalp with warm oil for at least 5 minutes, every day for best results. Make it a habit, and don’t give up after a few days. You may also massage your scalp using circular motions while shampooing.

If done correctly every day, the massage will greatly enhance the blood circulation on the scalp and remove all dead or dry skin cells which hinder hair growth.

After you are done with the massage, leave the oil on your head for about 30 minutes to allow your scalp to absorb the nutrition and get conditioned. Then wash it off with a good herbal shampoo containing herbs like He Shou Wu that promotes hair growth.

Does Massage Promote Hair Growth?

Massage certainly has the benefits that creates the right environment for promoting Hair growth.

It’s a practice, that if you have time for, encourages blood circulation and also lowers stress. Used in conjunction with a Hair growth treatment, massage is a great tool to add to your hair growth.

However, if massage was the only technique used to grow your hair, then results would be minimal

So treat yourself and your scalp to a head massage and when used with a Hair growth treatment, you’ll start to see great results



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