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As one expert put it, losing your hair is like, “Losing your ability to please your woman, get a raise, and buy your dream car—watching all that slip through your fingertips—like you’re facing a slow, agonizing, unstoppable death.”
Who Else Wants to Experience a “Touchable”, Visible Increase in 100% Natural Hair Growth In Just 12 Short Weeks…

  • Without developing a more ‘feminine appearance’ due to the ‘hidden chemicals’ in the most marketing hair serums (Mine doesn’t sap your testosterone and DHT)
  • Without wasting the ‘average $4,000’ on useless ‘hair growth expert’ consultations
  • Without spending hours reading, measuring, and concocting potions from a book filled with ‘old wives tales’
  • Without the pain, expense, and recover time required for ‘it might work’ hair surgery ($10k PLUS)
  • Without killing your sex-drive and ‘performance’ from testosterone suppression (She’ll notice, believe me)
  • Without shelling out hundreds per month on ‘unpredictable’ herbs, or liver-killing prescription drugs
  • Without the shame of seeing that ‘5 o’clock shadow’ when you shave your head bald, or worse—having a toupee fall off (you can stop worrying about embarrassing yourself in the board room—or in bed)

Yes, I guarantee you’ll see a full head of hair every time you look in the mirror, regardless of whether you’re 16 or 66, balding, or just experiencing a few ‘dry patches’, for less than you’ll spend on getting an oil change.

Hi Gentleman,
My name is Peter and I’ve helped hundreds of men, around the globe, regain their
natural hair (some even rave about hearing their wives say they love it MORE) using Hair+ Spray.
full-head-hair In fact, I’m considered an authority on helping men like you stop hair loss, before it’s too late. You may have heard that I spent more than 5 years, (yes 60 full months of 10 hour+ days) obsessively researching, trying, and RULING OUT more than 17 methods to regrow your hair on the market

Because I was sick of solutions that simply failed to work. You know what I mean. Toxic pastes, overnight ‘miracle cures’, and bizarre potions that leave you walking around with a rash after promising that your hair will grow back faster than normal…

hair-surgery-fail And that’s before you’re faced with $10,000 hair transplants (and the painful, scarred recovery that follows), or a $5,000 an hour appointment with a (self-deemed) ‘specialist’ who hands you a list of recipes and says ‘good luck’.
So you can believe me when I say that knowing what I know comes at a price, and you’d pay the cost too if you looked like this in your twenties…

Note that I could have rented out my
forehead as billboard ad space.

hair-surgery-fail The truth is that before discovering what I’m ready to share with you now, I had personally visited, researched, or spoken to every mainstream hair loss practitioner, needle-pushing acupuncturist, dedicated family doctor, and hair transplant surgeon.
Yes, before you think to ask, I even travelled to Tibet to seek out some ‘golden needle solution’.
And if you lose your self-respect and confidence every time you look in the mirror like I did, you’d do what it took to grow your hair back too…
Curious as I was, I did more damage than good, at first.
I mean, can you imagine how many WRONG solutions I had to go through on the market (probably all you’ve tried) before finding the 100% right way to stop male patterned baldness, and watch my receding hairline—regrow?
But like a hound after blood, I was going to get my hair back because I was lost without it.
Know the feeling?
As one expert put it, losing your hair is like, “Losing your ability to please your woman, get a raise, and buy your dream car—watching all that slip through your fingertips—like you’re facing a slow, agonizing, unstoppable death.”

Nail in the coffin.
Wondering if they’re laughing about you…
Wondering if you’re getting passed up for the promotion…
Wondering if you’re missing out on life—
Or if she’s still satisfied with you…
Because you’re looking ‘OLDER’
I wasn’t going to allow myself to reach that point. Not me.

Not in my twenties—or at any age.
Like you, I’m not the kind to just ‘give up and let life steal my hair’ because hair can mean the difference between a promotion, making that sale, getting the girl (or keeping the one you’re already in love with!)
Naturally, after destroying my hair with ‘miracle solutions’ too many times to count—not to mention the ‘side effects’ (looking more feminine, losing my testosterone, spending my life savings—and all the mojoless nights that followed).

I developed a few RULES.
ALL sourced privately, heavily monitored, and guaranteed to work.
Without the nasty chemicals that cause impotency, liver failure, and worse—death. Without swallowing horse pills, or subjecting yourself to

hair-surgery-fail Rule #1: The cure had to be 100% natural, which is why (Full Head Hair+ Spray is carefully crafted with the most potent, all-natural Chinese herbs on earth, guaranteed to leave you rash free—with your own hair. Yes, this is 100% pure, potent polygonum multiforum extract (which you’ve probably heard called He Shou Wu), Ginseng & the extremely challenging to obtain Chinese Angelic extract.
Rule #2: The cure had to be ‘cut and needle free’ because like you, I hate pain, so it’s easy to understand why I would create a product that allows you to begin seeing the results you desire from a simple, all-natural spray. hair-surgery-fail
hair-surgery-fail Rule #3: The cure had to be ‘affordable for the average Joe’ which is why it’s going to run you less than you spend on an oil-change. I believe every man deserves to experience a FULL head of hair—for life, don’t you?
Rule #4: The cure had to be my ‘own real hair I saw in the mirror’ meaning no toupee’s, no transplants, no ‘spray on hair’—just the real, touchable hair that she fell in love with so many years ago. hair-surgery-fail

Rule #5: The cure had to work FAST with measurable results, (and it does). In fact, Full Head Hair+ Spray works on more than 70% of men, after just 3 months of application.

Rule #6: The cure had to be EASY and DISCREET which is why Full Head Hair+ Spray works by simply spraying it on the affected areas once in the morning, once at night—completely private. They’ll just wonder how you so quickly regrew your hair, and you won’t have to do anything but smile.

hair-surgery-fail Rule #7: Finally, the cure had to get you over the GENE hurdle. If you’re dad (or mom) or grandpa, or uncle was bald by 27, 47, or 67, then I guarantee this 100%e

Yes, I’ll guarantee your satisfaction, 100% for the first 90 days.

Aren’t you ready to begin to appear younger? Experience more confidence? Overhear women talking about your thick, full, natural head of hair?

Remember that ‘billboard ad ready forehead’ I showed you earlier?

Before After
Here’s more proof—when you look up you’ll see two images that represent the change you’ll experience.

Image Before: The beginning of my journey, my mid-twenties, when I felt the need to find a solution. I wore it longer, and wilder because my hair was obviously thinning.

Image After: 5.5 years later after my curiosity led me to develop Full Head Hair+ Spray. Finally having found the solution to regrow hair in my thirties, I was confident wearing it in a trimmed, professional cut that radiated success.

But don’t buy until you’re 100% sure that you’ll begin seeing a full head of hair on your head using Hair+ Spray.

I prefer to keep it honest so I’ll tell you, up front, that some guys WON’T get the same benefit from Full Head Hair+ Spray—

If you’re suddenly finding yourself losing large chunks of hair, in random places, then it may be stress induced. My 100% natural formula is not designed to alleviate stress, so you’re best bet is to invest in learning about meditation here before using Full Head Hair to grow back what you’ve lost.

Or if you’re completely hairless, yes, bald all over, without any hair follicles left on your entire scalp, then the chances of Full Head Hair+ Spray regrowing your hair are slim. You’re still welcome to try it, and see how quickly you get results, because the truth is that I bare all the risk for 90 days.

“in my 40′s and feeling good”
Despite being happily married and my wife loving me, I found myself trying to cover my hair loss and didn’t like the fact mother nature was catching up. The hair spray is good stuff….. PS – can you make the spray scented, as it’s a little plain ”

Donald Charter – Calumet, CA

Listen, I know you’ve got options. We all do.

You’re a man, so you know that the action you take today determines the outcomes you’ll experience tomorrow.

So you could easily drop more than $10,000 visiting your local hair regrowth consultant, taking their ‘special potion’, having them refer you to a hair transplant specialist who serves you up several prescriptions to help with ‘natural regrowth’ in addition to an abundance of shampoos and conditioners they sell you to ‘keep your new hair attached to your head’.

Or you could forget the BS, drop less than you’ll spend on your next oil change, and get serious about regrowing your hair by spraying the affected areas one time each morning, and one time each evening.

Sounds simple, right? It is—remember, it’s designed to be simple, discreet, 100% natural, and yes, it’s guaranteed.

When you’re ready to regrow your hair simply order the obvious option for you below, and if you’re not 100% satisfied after 15 days,
simply send me the empty bottles, and I’ll personally send you back your investment.

Sounds fair, wouldn’t you agree?

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“Given how many hundreds of satisfied customers we hear raving about Hair+ Spray’s ability to easily regrow your natural, touchable hair in less than 90 days, without risking your health, safety, or privacy, we’re confident in it’s effectiveness.In fact, we’re so confident that we’re willing to make the price irrelevant because when you order Full Head Hair+ Spray today you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re less than happy with your results within the first 90 days, simply tell us about your results, send in your empty bottles and receive a full refund.”To Your Success,
Peter Nobbs Chief “Hair Growth” Officer
P.S.You’ll never find Hair+ Spray regrowth solution in stores because at Wonder Products, we’re fierce about delivering absolutely perfect results, every time. Herbs are monitored and selected only if they exceed the highest standards on the market, and only our team’s hands touch the product from creation to shipping.